The Vision

To release the joy of heaven on earth,

taking laughter to the every corner of the planet,

and bringing global transformation.


If God sits in the heavens and laughs at the plans of the enemy (Psalm 2:4), shouldn't we be aligning our hearts and voices with His... and starting to laugh too?

There have been many prophetic words about Joy and Laughter being weapons and, especially now, we MUST begin to wield our weapons - and laugh strategically, deliberately. and intentionally.

'The Blessing' was an absolute phenomenon, and it got us thinking. Why don't we do something similar and have people, from around the world, laughing in unison at the 'giants' the world is facing.

THE LAUNCH: We had two online Joy and Laughter Webinars to launch the dream, on the International Day of Happiness.

THE VIDEO: NOW it is over to you! We ask you, as individuals, couples, or groups, to record yourselves laughing. To ensure that we are all laughing strategically, we will have FIVE specific 'giants' that we will laugh over, for breakthrough! AND... we will laugh together to release the joy of heaven on earth!

Together we can turn the world upside down!

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