Our Video

There is so much going on that divides us as the human race, so we wanted to to bring some much needed joy and laughter to this stressed and weary world! Laughter busts stress, breaks down barriers, and brings people together - and oh, how we need that.


Friends from four continents (thank you all) submitted videos of themselves laughing - mostly at the giants the world is facing... and this is the result. The wonderful Gerhard Conning worked tirelessly to edit it for us just in time for release on World Laughter Day - Sunday 02 May 2021.


We hope you will laugh with us - take some good medicine... and start to smile and laugh with those around you. Let's change the world together - and start to heal the divisions through our laughter.


This is just the first of many videos, hopefully - we would love people laughing in every nation! So we invite you to submit your video for our next compilation. Join the #JoyRevolution!